Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Wild Thing

Those who watch sports know all about the madness that ensues right before the playoffs. There are many situations in which a team can either get into the post-season or blow all their hard work for the year.

Right now, I’m hoping I don’t ruin what I have worked so hard for all year (à la Eagles) by clinching a berth into 8 months of employment.

Yesterday, out of the blue, the BBC called, wanting to draft me onto What Not to Wear. The Exec in Charge of Production loved my go-getter style and recommended me for the casting producer position. The job would be a great opportunity for growth - I would get to travel around the country and learn how to edit the casting tapes I produce.

That noise you just heard was my mother screaming – she has been begging me to cast her on that show since my first TLC gig in ‘05. You can’t have your Boyd’s and get Stacy too mom… sorry.

Anyway, here is the problem: I’m already employed. I’ve been working on a new show for the Discovery Channel since my last gig at the BBC ended in October. How did I get it? The casting director/boss I have now was the casting director/boss I had on my last show. Since she brought me with her to the Discovery Channel, I feel a sense of loyalty towards her and don’t want to burn any bridges.

I would love to give my boss two weeks notice, but the BBC doesn't know when production will start. If they start Monday I would have to be in the office for What Not to Wear starting my digital outreach. The only way to know if I could leave this job and start the new one so quickly would be to ask, guaranteeing that next week would be my last week at Discovery. I wouldn't blame them - would you want to keep a free agent on board if they have showed they were making a move somewhere else?

So how will this all play out? I’ve come up with four possible scenarios:

Scenario 1 – My boss is understanding of my situation and let’s me take job immediately. I keep one job.
Scenario 2- I play it safe and don’t tell my boss I ever thought about leaving. I keep one job.
Scenario 3 – My boss makes me wait a week to leave. This defensive holding eliminates my ability to work on WNTW. I loose both jobs.
Scenario 4 – My boss lets me go, but wildcard TLC decides they don’t want the BBC to produce the show for them. I loose both jobs.

Giving in my resignation without knowing the start date on What Not to Wear would be like throwing a Hail Mary. If I hesitate too long or make the wrong decision, I'm going to be sacked. Right now I’m leaning towards taking a chance on scenario 1, but am intentionally grounding my resignation till this afternoon, hoping that the BBC gets back to me with a start date. I'm pretty sure there will be a penalty for that.

It’s funny that the boss who told me about Saturn Return had me looking to the stars for my answer, because this is what I found.

“The presence of Venus in Aquarius means that relationships with co-workers should improve. There is plenty of opportunity to negotiate at all levels. You may have been offered a new contract, or discovered that one ongoing effort had to be cancelled. Whatever the scenario, the changes taking place are encouraging you to move ahead with your career and not to stay stuck in a rut. The cosmos is pushing you to step out into the unknown and expand your horizons.”

Two minute warning coach.... the clock is ticking down and I need to make a decision. What's your call?

(situation 5- boss reads this...)

*This blog is dedicated to all my friends at Conan who took a risk, Rory who encouraged me to use my blog as something to fall back on, and my pop who get's out of heart surgery today. I know he'll have some great depression era advice for me.


  1. Good luck. I hope it works out for you and you get to work on "What Not to Wear." I hate being in that situation. I was in that boat when I had a job as a Food Scientist and was looking to work with the local newspaper as a videographer. Fortunately my boss at that time was extremely understanding and put up with my attempt to work with the newspaper. The newspaper job completely fell through, and luckily he let me work back with him. I don't work with him anymore, but we are still good friends. I just hung out with him last week and helped him repair his computer last night. I don't know your boss, but hopefully your boss is fairly understanding. Sorry, I wrote so much. That's my input, but you definitely know the situation better than I do and probably know a lot more than me about switching jobs. Good luck!

  2. Go with your gut! I have been unemployed for over a year. With only randoms jobs so few and far between. So the job you don't take, can I have?

    Good luck with the decision, I know you'll make the right choice.

  3. Thanks for the advice guys. My boss was totally cool about it while still letting me know leaving a show mid production isn't the smartest move. I'll be there for at least another week since What Not to wear won't start for another week or two.

    It was tough to tell a boss that helped me grow so much into the casting producer role that I was going somewhere else, but I went with my gut and followed the stars. Hopefully things turn out well.

    Kevin, I still have your purple pug hanging in my room and Cortney I hope you find something soon! Let me know if there is any way I can help from over here.