Thursday, September 10, 2009

Causes for a Celebration

Birthday Wish List:
*Headphones that don't break after 2 months
*A hug from my little brother half a world away
*Cupcakes with zero calories
*A weeks rest followed by another job.
*Facebook birthday appreciation - (check!)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! It means so much - and if you are reading this, it means even more because you are probably one of my blog readers who have shared in my hectic journey over the past year.

This time last 9/10 I was alone on a shaky plane coming back from a casting scout in Arizona. Little did I know about the real turbulence looming in my life.

Now that I'm about to be unemployed again I will have plenty of time to organize a party. Mark your calendars - it will take place December 4th, somewhere in NYC.

Date sound familiar? 12/4/08 was the day I was laid off from mtvU last year, kicking off my Saturn Return and making me a much stronger person with a longer resume and High Def shooting skills to top it all off. I would say that it is something to celebrate.

Also, in honor of my quest to be trilingual, the party's theme will be "Cara's Bat Mizvah's QuinceaƱera". So everyone, wear your favorite bar/bat mitzvah t-shirt (if you don't have one, I still have extras from mine to give out) and get ready to party like an animal.

I may also be departing for a trip to South America for a surfing/Spanish immersion course soon after the party, and I hope to see you all before I salir de NYC.

That all being said - see you at my 3 month belated birthday, 1 year laid off anniversary, Bat Mitzvah's Quincienera and possibly going away party. Don't forget your shirt!

And again, thank you so much for the birthday wishes and blog reading!


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