Monday, September 7, 2009


My job is ending this week and I neglected to plan accordingly. Damn denial.

12 weeks of working like a mad woman deluded me into thinking that I was back to the good old days of steady paychecks and personal trainers. So instead of heeding my own advice of packing my lunch I was getting gourmet takeout and Pumpkin Spice Lattes (they're back!). My new dirty martini addiction hasn't helped to pad my wallet for the rainy days ahead either.

Considering I was casting women in debt, I really should have known better.

My upcoming unemployment is nobodies fault but my own. I was turning down jobs left and right during my gig at the BBC thinking things would keep coming my way the second it ended. I was looking forward to enjoying time off after working so hard and was planning a vacation instead of polishing my resume and letting my old contacts know I was available. On a related note, old contacts who may be reading this - I'm available.

I'm also turning 28 years old this week. According to my boss, my birthday is the root of all my problems. She enlightened me to the fact that I'm entering the Saturn Return.

Saturn Return is an astrological phenomenon that occurs between the ages of 28-30, as Saturn "returns" to the spot it occupied at the time of ones birth. During the Return, a person supposedly crosses over a major threshold into the next stage of life.

Threshold crossing isn't easy. According to my research, the first return is a tumultuous time of self-questioning where job loss is common. Considering the fact that the blog you are currently reading is called "My Unemployment," the cosmic theory seems to hold water.

Saturn Return has also been known to help people better identify what it is they want to do with their lives, often causing a switch in careers. This has been true for people like my friends Danno, Veeder, Beth, Genshaft, Stacey and Vincent Van Gogh.

Still with me on all this? Cause there is more. Not only am I entering Saturn Return, but Saturn is also currently in Virgo (my sign). This means that until July 21st, 2010, cosmic forces are REALLY causing me to buckle down and get serious about one thing.

But do I really need to settle down into one career in order to "grow up"? Can't I be a tri-lingual travel writer who casts shows too? I don't want to risk falling victim to a self-fulfilling prophecy by getting that answer from a horoscope. So rather than try to tap the universe for answers I will just listen to my heart.

As of now I have no idea where my next paycheck will come from. Hopefully that won't cause me to panic and choose a path that will lead to misery. However, if the Saturn Return theory proves legit I will finally be able to identify and nurture my natural strengths; bringing out the best in my career and most importantly, myself.


  1. Great post! Thanks for the shout-out :-D Hope I get to see you this weekend at some point- I'll talk to you on your b-day as usual!

  2. awesome stuff c-pants! good luck with the job hunt and thanks for the website plug. Can't wait to see ya next weekend!

  3. I have a feeling Saturn is gonna bring positive things :)